From a therapeutic perspective, a main idea about family therapy is that the family can be thought of and viewed as a system. That implies that what is happening to one person in the family system affects other family members. Whether it is something happening that is causing stress, discomfort, difficulty, or whether crisis, conflict, loss or other events may be affecting the family, family therapy affords a forum, and an important opportunity to address such issues.

In general, I assist the participant family members in examining, exploring and interpreting their various interactions, communication styles, and emotional dynamics involved in their family system. In cooperation with the family members involved new and better adaptive behaviors are learned, explored and practiced. Naturally, a better understanding of the motivations and actions of self and others (insight) is typically gained during family therapy.

Traditional, alternative, and blended families can be assisted in family therapy to improve communication, develop better coping skills, and learn new behavioral patterns conducive to better adaptive behaviors and insight.