Sometimes couples are not able to resolve conflicts, problems or issues on their own. At such times couples therapy can be helpful. Common issues include: anger, frequent or constant arguments, lack of communication, concerns that the relationship is not what is used to be, feelings that needs aren’t being met, infidelity, sexual problems, financial concerns and conflicts about children. Often couples look for professional help while in crisis. A crisis might occur due to build up of frustration and/or disappointment overtime, alcoholism, addiction, or traumatic events such as illness or loss in the family. As problems within a relationship usually affect the sexual aspects of the relationship these may be discussed in couples therapy.

In couples therapy both partners meet with me to discuss and explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Partners usually gain an understanding of the hidden meaning(s), if any, underlying the conflict. Also, partners usually get a better understanding of themselves, their personal issues in relationship, as well as a better understanding of their partner. Furthermore, couples therapy helps partners to explore and to make decisions regarding if they need and want to make changes whether emotional, cognitive, or behavioral. If so, I facilitate and help partners make their desired, stated, and mutually agreed upon changes.